[NOTICE] VIP Courses are Now Telegram Exclusive


Vip Courses Are Now Posted Exclusively on Telegram


NOTICE: Hello, Guys!!! Hope you guys are doing great!!!. Well you may notice that i haven't been posting much VIP (High Ticket) Courses on the Website recently…Well its because there has been an issue with DCMA and Google and could affect the website so I have decided that those Courses will only now be posted on the VIP Channel on Telegram So it doesn't affect the rankings and incur any damages by DCMA.

Also Note that this doesn't affect the normal Giveaways as they would still be posted on the website for you guys to enjoy for FREE. this update only affect VIP Courses (To View already posted VIP Courses Click Here)

And Secondly…IF you still haven't joined the VIP yet…now is your Chance to do So….I recently did a Giveaway on our General Telegram Channel…and now i've decided to Extend it for a couple more days… which allows you to get can get VIP Access for Just $10!!!

So you can hit me up on Telegram directly here: https://t.me/nulledgeek


Join our Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/nulledgeekhq  if you are interested in the Giveaway of the Year!!! Thanks and Enjoy!!!




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